What’s Hot in Appliances Today?

New Homes Newburgh NY – Stainless Steel Appliances Are So Last Year!

Or Maybe Not….

Watch any of the HGTV shows lately? If you have you may be hearing about what is “current” when choosing appliances. Have you redone your kitchen lately? Maybe you know what I’m talking about. The new trend is color for appliances and stainless steel is not always at the top anymore? Are you seeing this trend? Maybe you are looking for something a bit different.  White Ice is being featured by Whirlpool. An upscale European trend is showing bright colors, for a new and exciting look. Think twice before jumping to the most trendy colors and styles though. Impulsive buying can be costly and hard when it comes time to resell your home. Some things that are too trendy get old quickly. See what is new and trendy with our smart appliances. Nothing stays the same and appliances are no different. Super cool things are now happening with function. Don’t get caught up in crazy prices. Check out reviews. Make sure style and function are well worth the price.

Stainless steel still ranks as the number one choice with New Construction Homes in Newburgh NY.  Buyers for these homes are not quite so adventurous I guess…. I’m glad as I can’t imagine a purple fridge!  I’m sure I’ll see some new more adventurous clients pick out different styles and colors. What do you think?  Is Stainless Steel still on your “wish list” when buying a new home?


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