Pet Safety on Halloween

Halloween PET Safety in Newburgh NY

Keeping Your Furry Friends Safe on Halloween

Halloween Safety in Newburgh NY

Halloween is just another day to our pets. A few common sense rules can keep your pets happy and healthy on the spookiest night of the year.

  1. The number one problem is CANDY! That bowl of treats can be DEADLY to pets. Lulu and Fluffy may love a sweet treat, but candy is toxic to pets… especially chocolate and artificial sweeteners.
  2. Watch out for carved pumpkins and candles. A waggy tail can cause a fire and a pup or kitten could get hurt.  Nibbling on pumpkin may not be toxic, but that decoration could cause problems. A tummy upset from too much of something new in Rovers diet can add stress.
  3. Make sure that any decorations are not in an area for a pet to get entangled. When things get busy pets have a way of finding them and getting into trouble.. and that could mean danger. Keep wires and decorations out of pet reach whenever possible.
  4. There are those pets that love the dress up game… and many who are not fond of costumes. Know how your pet feels and don’t force them to wear something that is not pet friendly. Just because it says pet friendly does not make it so. Pet parents need to be proactive as Scruffy doesn’t know what is safe. Be sure that any costume doesn’t prevent them from movement. Sometimes the dye in a costume can cause an allergy. My pup always preferred a bandana with ghosts and goblins.. and he looked rather handsome!
  5. Take care that when you answer the door for trick-or-treaters that your dog or cat does not run outside. If your pet enjoys greeting people have a gate in place. Make sure that darting outside isn’t an option.
  6. Some pets can be scared by costumes and all the activity. An otherwise gentle dog or cat can become aggressive when frightened by people in costumes. Be sensitive to their needs and crate or put in another room if needed. Some pets are totally fine with Halloween and others are very stressed. Knowing what works for you and your pet is important for a Happy and Uneventful Halloween.

Just in case…. for an emergency is: ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435. Better safe than sorry.

Just a few simple rules to follow and our furriest of friends will stay safe and happy.


Pet Safety on Halloween

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