New Homes for Sale in the Hudson Valley

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New Homes for Sale in the Hudson Valley

Learn All About New Construction Homes in the Hudson Valley

The choices when it comes to New Homes for Sale in the Hudson Valley are endless. We have single family homes in every price point, size and town. The location you pick can be a single private lot with acreage, to a home in a subdivision of 10, 20, 40 more more homes in one location. The homes in our developments can be on a building lot, or in a subdivision with acreage from 1 to 5 acres for each home.

In our current local market New Construction Homes  have never been such a great value.  Below are links to all the new construction homes in the Newburgh NY area that are currently available for sale. Search by price range. Feel free to adjust the search to your location, save and come back for more updates. No spam here, just information. Sign up and receive updates only on what you are interested in.

Too much info? I can help with that and streamline your search. Not all new homes are in the MLS. Builders don’t always begin marketing until they have a building permit, and therefore are not in the MLS. I know where these homes are.  There are so many options available right now. Your dream home is just around the corner.

If you are searching for a new home in the Hudson Valley this is a great place to start. Find out what your options are when buying new. Did you know that all new construction homes include a builders warranty? Ask about the details before you begin. Shiny and new is a great option. The choices are endless. Let us get you started today!

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with Janis BorguetaNew Homes for Sale in the Hudson Valley

Search for new construction homes by price point. These are homes from the all parts of the Hudson Valley. Need a more local look at what is around? Let me set up that search for you now.  Once you have an account you can visit as often as you like. NO spam ever!  You can opt to receive notifications or not. The choice is always yours!

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Learn About Buying A New Home in the Hudson Valley

What does a million dollars buy you in a new home in this area? Depending on the builder and location the numbers can vary greatly. While you may wonder what it takes to design and build that amazing home with views, we can help. Sample these homes over $1 Million and know that they are just the beginning of the possibilities that never hit the MLS.

Whether you are looking for a new home on a single lot or want to live in a development of homes in a major subdivision I would be happy to help. Both large national building companies and small local builders have quality homes and provide great value. The choices are many and lifestyle is key.  With so many new developments available to choose from it is a great time to buy a brand new home. Let the search begin!

Resources when buying a new home:

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How to Mortgage a New Construction Home

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