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What to Expect in Newburgh NY

New Construction Homes Newburgh NYHomes in Newburgh NY are selling. Sales are increasing and more buyers are getting off the fence. Interest rates are amazingly low. Monthly payments are at a more reasonable number. Affordability and value is important for buyers today, and they see a brand new home as the answer.

Buyers search all options and come up with a very similar answer… New Construction has Real Value! Builders are including so many features, therefore making the decision to purchase new, an easy one. Simply comparing the new home to an existing home of similar size and features, doesn’t always work in favor of the older homes right now. Builders have lowered their prices to reflect the market and the new home buyers are the winners.

Most builders include everything in the new home making them turn-key. Newly built homes now include hardwood floors, air conditioning, and complete kitchens with stainless appliances and granite counter tops. On moving day no thoughts of the repair list involved with an older home. No painting is needed, no new roof or repair of a furnace during the first winter.

New York State mandates a builder’s home warranty for all New Construction. Included in all new homes is a mandated “energy code” that is implemented by each building department. Code compliance adheres to a strict list to insure that your new home meets these requirements. The goal?… to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer and not waste energy or money.New Construction Homes for Sale Newburgh NY

New Homes are more affordable as interest rates and prices are amazingly low. The Mortgage calculator shows an example of what your monthly payment could be. It is time to take a look and see where you fit into the picture. Will interest rates go lower? Will prices still fall? Maybe, as nobody can predict the future, but how much would that translate into your monthly payment. If prices fall, but interest rates increase you will pay more to a bank for the same house.

Inventory of new homes is low and there are some great deals to be had. Our new construction homes are starting as low as $269,000. It may just be time for  you to check out what is available and make that decision to get off the fence. Not all locations show up in the MLS searches until we have a building permit. Let me show you where they are.

The best part of these homes? They are BRAND NEW!

When you are ready, I’ll be happy to help.

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  1. Glad you all made it through Frankenstorm but how did these under constructions homes fair?

    • Janis Borgueta says:

      We were all fine.. and no damage to the worksites.. i guess we were more north and spared the problems.

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