Fireplace Maintenance for Your Newburgh NY Home

Fireplace Maintenance TipsGet Ready for Winter in Newburgh NY

The days and nights are getting cooler in Newburgh NY and soon snowflakes will be falling. Dipping temperatures and colder weather bring out thoughts of hibernation.  It is easier to stay home rather than venture out when cold. A night in front of the fireplace all warm and cozy… a major plus in my book.

New construction homes frequently come equipped with a fireplaces. A wood burning fireplace is a bit more maintenance, but is preferred by many for a more authentic look and smell. A call to a chimney sweep can put your fireplace in order in no time.  It has been recommended to clean your chimney approximately every 75 fires to avoid buildup.  Cleaning out the hearth of ashes after each fire is important too. If you have an older home and you have never used a fireplace before, your chimney sweep is a great person to show you how it’s done. You need to know how the flue works and other safety features of your specific fireplace and hearth.

Propane or natural gas fireplaces are popular too. Proper maintenance is crucial as you have a pilot light and a constant low burning flame inside the unit. The gas lines should be checked for leaks. Each unit comes with specific instructions and regulations. It is important to know this and not think that they are completely maintenance free. The logs and glass do get cleaned. Knowing how and what product to use is important. Using the wrong cleaner can damage a unit and void any warranty that you have.

Basic common sense is important when using your fireplace.  Of course small children need to be warned of the heat and flames. Smoke detectors should always be installed in any home, along with a carbon monoxide detector.  Taking time and making the effort will insure your safety. When the cold weather sets in you will be sitting back and relaxing in front of the fire… all warm and toasty sipping hot cocoa while the snowflakes fall.

Fireplace Maintenance Tips

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