Hurricane Sandy – Newburgh NY – Watch Out for Frankenstorm

Are You Prepared in Newburgh NY

Hurricane Sandy may be Headed Our Way

Hurricane Sandy Newburgh NYHurricanes are not just in Florida! If you have been listening to the weather today you most likely have already heard about the potential for some rather horrific weather coming north from the Caribbean.

Hurricane Sandy, better known as Frankenstorm.. is headed north over the weekend and the potential for some pretty terrible weather seems destined  for our area. Still a bit early to predict the path of this storm, but the reports are expecting that we will experience some heavy rain, flooding and electrical outages.

The predicted path is not absolute, but Frankenstorm won’t send out a memo to each of us individually. It will pound on your door when it is good and ready. While nobody can stop the storm it is best to be ready for whatever comes. Get ready now while there is still time. Knowing what to do in an Emergency is so important. This list was taken from the American Red Cross and their suggestions for getting ready.

  1. Keep a one gallon of water per person for a three day supply in your home
  2. Stock up on food…. Not ice cream or steaks  thinking that you will just be stuck inside, buy food that does not need to be cooked or refrigerated. If you lose power everything in the fridge may be lost and those pricey steaks will be headed for the garbage!
  3. Make sure you GAS up your car! Keep your car inside a garage if possible to avoid damage from flying objects or falling trees.
  4. FLASHLIGHTS and Batteries
  5. Charge all your cell phones and computers..Keep cell phone chargers with you just in case. Also keep extra batteries if possible for your cell phone.
  6. First aid kit.. keep this handy and check for supplies
  7. Know where  your important documents are. When flooding is a possibility don’t store them in the basement.
  8. Extra cash as ATM’s may not work
  9. Bring all lawn furniture inside along with anything that can be blown around.
  10. If you have a generator make sure that you know how to use it and that it is functional. Read the manuals now …don’t wait until the storm.

The Red Cross has an APP for those a bit tech savvy. It is available for those with an Android or a iPhone. It has everything in it from a flashlight to strobe and alarm. It has links to tell you what to do and info that is current about the storm and shelters. Power outage info and shelters are all part of what the App has available. Easy to find just search American Red Cross on  your device and find Hurricane App. Note that the App is user friendly in both English and Spanish.

Take care stay safe… and watch the local news for updates on the weather.

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