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Living on the Hudson River – Newburgh NY

Throughout the history of man, settling in an area close to a water supply was THE number one factor in choosing where to live. Obvious reasons at that time stem from basic survival as the need for potable water imperative. Times have changed, but our human tendency to associate a home on the waterfront having more value remains to be true. Close proximity and fabulous views can create  a “dream come true” when purchasing a home. Not always affordable, it is still a preference when making a decision where to live. For those lucky enough to find the right fit this is a perfect setting.

A willingness to pay more money to live waterfront continues, even in a down market.  When the market was at its recent downturn, prices of homes on the water retained better values than in other locations. Waterfront is not only the beach or an ocean.  A stream pond, a lake or a river can fit the description.  The common factor is beauty and an added quality of life. What could be better than waking up each day to the sound of the water and a view of nature at its best? Changing seasons in New York provides ever changing views that never gets old.

Hudson Valley home buyers are lucky to have options when locating a home. While many locations across the country boast price-tags with a few too many numbers, the Hudson Valley has some more adorable waterfront properties. The choices are limited to logistics and budget, but for those looking there are quite a few that remain quite affordable. The actual prices may surprise you.

The Hudson River is my favorite. Only 65 miles north of New York City it is close for commuting. Almost two miles wide, the Hudson River provides some beautiful panoramic waterfront views. The towns of Marlboro, Cornwall, New Windsor and Newburgh, along with the City of Newburgh collectively claim over 5 miles of river front property.  Homes range from the historic late 1700’s to contemporary homes built in the last 5 to 10 years. Restoration of some properties continues with more in store for the near future. The process is ongoing making  valuable additions to the area.

Prices vary as much as the condition, style, age and quality of the homes. River view properties are more affordable now than in previous years.  Many homes are newly restored reflecting past beauty. Newer homes vary in size and dot the landscape with many styles reflecting when they were built. Those homes that are in need of some repairs undergo a major transformation resulting in some beautiful restoration work.  Lucky buyers are rewarded for their efforts with living in a beautiful location, and right on the Hudson River.

When looking for a home in the Hudson Valley be sure to consider living on the Hudson River. With everything the area has to offer you might just find that special home . If this could be something  you would like to consider when looking for a home hire an agent with waterfront knowledge. Give me a call and make sure you don’t miss out.

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Hudson River Waterfront Homes

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