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What school district is my home in ?

School Districts Many People find the local school district they live in to be very important when purchasing a home. While I can’t really tell you what school district is best for you and your family, I can certainly help direct you where to research out the information. These are the links to all the local school districts in the area. Make sure to understand how the different locations work. You can live in one town and the school district can be different than your neighbors. Even counties share schools. Knowing this information and making sure to verify with the town is important. Don’t leave it to chance that your information is correct. Buyers should contact the local schools and towns for verification.

The links below will help guide you to finding answers about the different schools in the area. Don’t hesitate to call or schedule an appointment to ask questions about programs and what is available in each location.

There are day care centers in the area that provide services for after school programs. Families that commute sometimes need additional hours that the regular school day does not provide. You can find information on the local day care centers and see which ones can accommodate those needs. Check out the local Day Care Centers   page for those locations.

School Info for Orange and Ulster County NY

Take the time read through the information about the different features of each location. You can be more informed about where you want to live. When you are done you can then move forward with searching for a home. Search the MLS based on location AND school districts. Interesting that in Orange and Ulster County our towns and districts overlap when it comes to schools. You can live in Orange County and go to school in Ulster. Searching a specific school district can save you time when looking for a new home.  You can learn what homes fit within your choices.  Let me show you how.

More information on local education:

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